We’ve recently started to deliver international Maths CPD but have been extremely busy over the last year and haven’t had the opportunity to update the website to let our community know.

In December 2018 we were fortunate enough to work with Macmillan Education to launch their new Max Maths series of textbooks aimed at the international market. The Max Maths series is based on the ‘Singapore Maths’ pedagogy and that’s where our experience was used to deliver two short CPD sessions in Bahrain and Jordan.

The events in both Jordan and Bahrain were a real eye-opener for us in many ways. It was our first international maths CPD in the Middle East but we recognised that teachers, are teachers are teachers – no matter what country you are from. We have very similar ideas, expectations and motivations.

There were many positive discussions at the end of both sessions, which have over 150 delegates attending each event. The focus of most discussions was, “How can we show this…using a visual model?” Which we were more than happy to reveal after the event until the Macmillan staff dragged us away for some photos.

We really enjoyed our time with Macmillan Education and found the launch event very exciting. What was very impressive was how much the teachers really wanted to understand different approaches. It was pleasing for us to hear teachers commenting on the CPA approach and how much easier Maths could be taught by the visualisation process.

Later in March 2019, we were invited to deliver two more sessions this time in beautiful Egypt. This was the first time delivering Maths CPD in Africa¬† and we were overwhelmed by the eagerness of the Egyptian teachers. We started of with a very complicated Maths problem only for us to solve the problem in a very visual way through bar modelling and within seconds of the solution being revealed, the whole crowd started discussing the visual approach. Altogether we delivered in two events in Egypt, one in Cairo and one in Alexandria and there’s talk of us going back to do a whole day Maths CPD session too, so watch this space!


There’s definitely an exciting time for international schools looking for quality Maths resources that can be used through their whole primary phase, have a look at the MAX Maths series.